Kalamata Olive Oil Health Benefits – Greek Olive Oil Benefits

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Greek Kalamata Olive Oil Health Benefits derives from the healthy fats and antioxidants found in Olive Oil.

It is widely known that Kalamata Olive Oil is an “Olive Oil King” and is considered one of the healthiest oil for cooking, frying, and eating. According to the American Heart Association, Olive Oil produced in the Mediterranean coast and globally is high in fat, but most of them are heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Choosing a good quality unfiltered Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil brings lots of benefits to your health and lowers “bad” cholesterol. On top of these benefits, Kalamata Olive Oil can also contribute to healthy digestion, prevent cancer and other diseases.

Let’s look at Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil health benefits which are among the few great things in the Mediterranean diet and nutrition that people agree on.

Health benefits infographic resized
Infographics of the main benefits of Kalamata extra virgin olive oil

1. How does Kalamata Olive Oil Improve Heart Health? 

Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil health benefits is to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels to endorse healthy cholesterol (HDL) levels. Good quality Olive Oil full of antioxidants supports and assists to slow down heart aging process. There as antioxidants may offer protection against red blood cell damage. Based on the research studies findings, it is confirmed that elderly people using Mediterranean Kalamata Olive Oil for cooking, baking or salads have a 41% lower probability of stroke than those who do not use good quality Olive Oil in general.

Fact. Cardiovascular (heart) diseases are the top cause of death in the industrialized world. A number of research studies have documented that arteriosclerosis (Arteriosclerosis can occur when arteries grow thick and stiff and restrict blood flow to organs and tissues in the body) is closely linked to lifestyle, eating habits, environment and some aspects of economic development. The progress of arteriosclerosis depends on many factors: the most important ones are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, smoking, and diabetes.

“… The lowest rates of death from coronary heart disease are currently recorded in the countries where olive oil is virtually the only fat consumed.” – According the Professor Francisco Grande Covián

The research studies have proven Kalamata Olive Oil consumption benefits for heart health. First of all, regular consumption reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Secondly, it prevents recurrence after a first coronary event (heart disease).

Recent studies demonstrated the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet preventing recurrence of secondary heart (coronary) events and the positive influence of olive oil on depression connected with such events and on mood. Such findings are essential in view of the high incidence of depression in the current world and the great risk it poses in recurrent heart disease.

Kalamata olive oil Oliviada

Oliviada Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. How does Greek Olive Oil regulate and lowers Blood Pressure?

Regular ingestion of good quality unfiltered Kalamata Olive Oil along with a diet that is low in saturated fat can help to reduce hypertension and to regulate blood pressure. The recent studies analysis demonstrated that the daily dose of drugs needed to control high blood pressure can be decreased for the patients who regularly consume Olive Oil. Feasibly because of a reduction in nitric acid caused by polyphenols found in Olive Oil.

If comparing various nations across the world in terms of death rates from heart and vascular disease, the Mediterranean people rarely die due to such diseases. It is linked to their lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet they propagate where the fat used is mainly Olive Oil. A well-known research in Spain declared that people who use Olive Oil often have less chance of developing heart disease, including hypertension (high blood pressure), hyperlipidemia (high levels of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood) and stroke. It has also proven that regular and moderated consumption of Mediterranean Olive Oil helps to reduce inflammation (swelling), endothelial dysfunction (vascular disease) and thrombosis (blood clot).

Koroneiki variety is the most suitable for great olive oil
Above: these Koroneiki olives start riping and after harvest, will be squeezed into the most nutritious Kalamata olive oil

3. How does Greek Olive Oil lower Risk of Cancer?

Individuals who regularly incorporate olive oil into their diets and eliminate the use of saturated fats have a significantly lower risk of developing certain malignant tumours such as breast, prostate, endometrium, digestive tract, colorectal and respiratory cancers.

It has been many research studies performed which have established a relationship between obesity and cancer. Only in US itself, around 30-35% of death causes related to cancer. In terms of the death caused diseases worldwide, the cancer takes second place after heart (cardiovascular) diseases. Moreover, people living in the Mediterranean area who propagates Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle have a decreased incidence of cancer compared with residents living in Northern Europe or the US. Expected due to healthier Mediterranean dietary habits. The natural and bioactive food ingredients have a potential preventive action on cancer.

A numeral of research analysis has demonstrated that good quality Olive Oil reduces the risk of breast cancer. People using a healthy diet (e.g. the Mediterranean diet) with Olive Oil as the main source of fat reduce cancer risk. The reason is that when consuming food our body creates toxins which attack DNA and mutate cells causing cancer. These toxins, when passing through the liver, produce free radicals which then attack our DNA. As to be able to fight such free radicals, our body needs vitamins and antioxidants the ones found in good quality Olive Oil (healthy fat).

It has also been reported that an olive-oil-rich diet is associated with a reduced risk of bowel cancer. The protective effect of olive oil is regardless of the amount of fruit, vegetables and nuts are eaten in the diet.

Another fact recent studies documented that good Olive Oil provides protection against cancer of the colon (large intestine). Recently researches have been analyzing the healthy fat effect to our metabolism (more specifically have been analyzing the protective mechanism role of Olive Oil in prolonged liver disease and Crohn’s disease (the disorder of the intestines). Results point to the positive effects of Olive Oil on identifiable local signals and abnormalities that, with time, have an increased risk of developing into cancer (on pre-cancerous lesions). After analyzing three types of diet, research scientists arrived at various conclusions. One of them that the Olive Oil containing diet reduced the number of cancerous lesions. Another one, that the number of tumours that developed was clearly and considerably low. And the last one, the tumours were less aggressive and had a better diagnosis.

The research scientists pointed out that this positive effect could be related to oleic acid which is a component of Olive Oil, it is a healthy fat – predominant monounsaturated fatty acid. The oleic acid plays a hugely positive role in the lowering production and development of tumours because it lowers the production of prostaglandins derived from arachidonic acid.

In addition, there are other components of Olive Oil which have a positive influence such as antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and squalene may also have a positive influence. For example, squalene is assumed to have a beneficial effect on the skin by reducing the incidence of melanomas.

Current research studies are focused on the protection mechanism and the benefit of Olive Oil against child leukemia and various cancers.

As we all know much has still to be discovered about Olive Oil Health benefits and how it affects cancer. However, according to the information available at present, no doubt Olive Oil loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants could act simultaneously during the different stages involved in the process of cancer formation.

polyphenol rich olive oil
Read more about polyphenol-rich olive oil benefits

4. Can Kalamata Olive Oil control Obesity and Type II Diabetes?

Good quality Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive oil contains healthy fats and antioxidants which can make it easier to regulate or lose weight due to its high nutrient value. Besides, Olive Oil is rich in monounsaturated fats which are healthy fats and helps to prevent Type II Diabetes.

Over the last decades it is a significant increase in obesity and metabolic syndrome which is becoming a public health problem due to high hospitalization rates, treatment costs and impaired quality of life. Both obesity and metabolic syndrome are characterized by insulin resistance which increased risk of heart (cardiovascular) disease and cancer, despite the healthy nutritional habits. In fact only 5-10% of cancer cases are linked to people DNR and genetic causes while 90-95% can be linked to lifestyle, eating habits, environment and some aspects of economic development.

Fact.  The relationship between obesity and type II diabetes is so strong that the new term “diabesity” has been introduced. It is a global pandemic favored by an obesogenic environment that promotes the consumption of energy-dense foods and discourages energy expenditure, with the result of weight gain. In recent years there has been an increase in the incidence of obesity in young people, with the result that type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are not exclusive to adulthood but are increasingly observed in childhood.

Obesity symbolizes a major public health problem. Overweight and obesity are associated with the occurrence of metabolic syndrome and to adipose tissue dysfunction. The Mediterranean Diet with the main ingredient Olive Oil represents a possible therapy for metabolic syndrome, preventing adiposopathy or “sick fat” formation.

Another interesting fact revealed during research studies, that Olive Oil can prevent from overeating due to the “good” components found in Olive Oil which reduce the feeling of hunger. Research by Syracuse University discovered a small molecule in Olive Oil can disrupt the hunger-signaling pathway. The molecule in question can influence how the body senses and utilizes energy. Researches believe it could lead to a treatment for conditions that affect energy balance, like diabetes and obesity.

5. How does Greek Olive Oil prevent Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity?

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together and can lead to heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The main conditions are increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels.

Fact. Overweight and obese people are highly dominant worldwide. According to the statistics, one billion people are overweight and 300 million are considered obese in the world. Numerous research studies estimate that in 10 years (in 2030), roughly 2 billion people will be overweight and 1,12 billion obese. In the United States stats show that abdominal obesity has tripled as of 1980 (during the past 40 years). A quarter of the US population (25%) can be categorized as having metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome frequency has increased from 34.3% to 38.5% during the past 15 years. Looking into recent stats and studies, obesity is considered a significant public health problem, with a strong effect on people health, economy and quality of life. Adding on top, there are several types of cancers, including breast, uterine (womb), colon (large intestine), prostate and kidney are obesity driven. Studies indicate that, over the past decade, a quarter of all cancers (25%) could be prevented by reducing the rate of obesity.

Metabolic syndrome sufferers regularly consume good quality Olive Oil are able to reduce their risk of the disease and even get rid of it altogether.

6. How does Kalamata Olive Oil Improve Digestive Health?

Unfiltered pure Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the ultimate fat, not only because it benefits other parts of our body such as our heart, skin and hair, but also because it can guard our digestive system from ulcers. Research analysis demonstrates that following the Mediterranean diet and incorporating healthy fats – Olive Oil into your diet may help treat or prevent stomach ulcers.

Another Olive Oil health benefit is high in vitamin E and polyphenols which increases its ability to improve cellular health and at the same time reducing inflammation in the body. Moreover, Extra Virgin Olive Oil stimulates peptide production to boost healthy digestion and support nutrient absorption.

What is the Mediterranean Diet and why it is so important? 

The Mediterranean Diet is a plant-based diet of fruit and vegetables, fish, cereals, and Olive Oil, with reduced consumption of meat and dairy products and moderate intake of alcohol, primarily red wine. As per UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) declaration in 2010, the value of this diet lies in its ability to preserve the state of health and improve longevity.

Scientific evidence has shown that the adoption of the Mediterranean diet is a protective diet against the beginning of various types of cancer, heart disease, aging and obesity. European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study has shown, the Mediterranean Diet is the most effective in the prevention of several chronic diseases, including cancer.

The nutrients that are found in the rich and full of antioxidants Mediterranean diet have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity elements which contribute together to the keep and improve health status. The anti-tumor effects of the Mediterranean diet are mostly due to the combination of antioxidant elements, fiber and polyunsaturated fats. This dietary pattern is therefore vital as a preventive mechanism against the beginning of cancer and other chronic diseases but also to reduce health care costs.

What is a Mediterranean Diet Menu What Mediterranean Diet consists of

Representation of the Mediterranean Diet 

As shown in the Greek ancient colony prototype image above, at the base of the Mediterranean diet the main component is a healthy lifestyle, energy intake equal to the expenditure, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and wine, usually red wine. Plant-based eating habits must be more present: cereals, legumes, fish, fresh fruits, dried fruits and vegetables. While animal foods (red meat or dairy products) and simple sugars should be regulated and limited use. Moderation is the key and the focal point of the Mediterranean model.

7. How does Kalamata Olive Oil help to Fight Depression?

Another fact about Extra Virgin Olive Oil benefits proves that people who follow a Mediterranean style diet that is rich in Olive Oil may be at a lower risk of depression.

Fact. People who use Olive Oil on regular basis are less likely to develop depression. On the opposite, people who use high amounts of unhealthy fat or trans fats in other words which you can find in fast food restaurants and mass-produced food, like cakes, are more likely to develop depression. (The research studies have shown that people who use trans fats on regular basis are 46% more likely to develop depression than those with high levels of healthy fats in Olive Oil.

How does the Mediterranean Diet help to fight Depression and why it is so healthy?

A Mediterranean Diet which is a plant-based diet of vegetables, fruit, grains, fish, nuts and the most important Olive Oil with a reduced amount of meat and dairy appeared to have benefits in terms of mood. The combination of all Mediterranean diet ingredients bring health benefits, in particular, the main ingredient is the infusion of healthy fats which come from Olive Oil.

The research analysis conducted at University College London pointed to the idea that the foods we eat can make a difference in lowering our risk of depression, even though there is no solid clinical proof yet. The Mediterranean diet research analysis has proven this diet could reduce the risk to develop diseases such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high-level cholesterol and reduce the risk for heart diseases. Also, the research has shown that the Mediterranean diet may benefit in longevity and weight balancing. The people who follow this diet live a longer life and be less likely to put on weight.

It’s broadly acknowledged that there’s a strong connection between what we eat and how we feel, with blood-sugar levels affecting our mood and energy.

8. How does Kalamata Olive Oil keep Bones Healthy and Strong?

Osteoporosis is a bones related condition that affects millions of people, especially older adults. It is scientifically proven that people who regularly consume Olive Oil have thicker and healthier bones than those who do not.

Regular consumption of olives, olive oil and olive polyphenols (i.e. health-protective antioxidants found in olive oil) have been shown to improve bone health. Research studies discovered that daily olive oil consumption could prevent a decline in bone mineral density and increase bone turnover signs. Olive oil benefits on the bone calcification and bone mineralization. Mineralization process gets better the more good quality olive oil is consumed. Olive Oil boosts calcium absorption, thereby playing a significant role during the period of growth and in the prevention of osteoporosis.

9. How does Kalamata Olive Oil promote Healthy Hair and Skin?

The follow of the Mediterranean diet and use unfiltered Olive Oil regularly can improve the condition and physical appearance of one’s hair, skin and nails. Olive Oil is beneficial in terms of moisturizing dry hair and making them shine. The antioxidants and vitamins A and vitamin E found in Olive Oil boost the removal of impurities from beneath the skin, resulting in a healthier and glowing appearance.

Olive Oil mineral Vitamin E protects the skin from harmful effects of free radicals and make it look healthier.

Fact. The Mediterranean Diet includes a high significantly quantity of foods rich in antioxidant compounds, which can help explain its many benefits. The extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, wine and fish, contain molecules with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, as monounsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids omega 3, polyphenols, flavonoids, phytosterols, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and micronutrients. These factors act on longevity and slow the development of chronic diseases associated with aging, resulting in healthier hair and skin.

Kalamata Olive Oil Nutrition Facts & Calories

One tablespoon of Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil (14g) contains the following nutritional information:

Total Fat14 g
Saturated Fat2.2 g
Polyunsaturated Fat1.8 g
Monounsaturated Fat10 g
Trans Fat0 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Dietary Fiber0 g
Sugar0 g
Cholesterol0 g
Sodium0 g
Potassium0 g
Protein0 g

Fact. Fats are an essential component of nutrition and an integral part of a healthy diet. The nutritional value of olive oil truly exceeds that of any other fat. There as extra virgin olive oil is without question the healthiest of all fats. Extra Virgin Olive Oil not only consist mainly of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, but it is the only fat that contains high levels of healthy antioxidants known as polyphenols which help to combat free radicals in the body cells and prevent diseases.

Kalamata Olive Oil Use Tip Section

Kalamata Olive Oil Daily Consumption is highly recommended

Kalamata Olive Oil for Hair growth and moisture

Good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil is often used as a tool to pamper and moisture your hair. Its antioxidants protect hair, skin and nails from free radicals that endorse early aging. Olive Oil benefits for hair effortlessly moisturizes it and can help with hair shrinkage (hair loss). It can also be used as a great emulsion that gives the hair a shiny appearance and a healthy look.

Using Kalamata Olive Oil on Wet Hair

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner
  2. Rub your hands with 1 to 2 tablespoons of good quality Olive Oil
  3. Shave off the hair as much as possible, scrub the scalp and let it smear

Using Kalamata Olive Oil on Dry Hair

  1. Brush your hair
  2. Take a 1 teaspoon of good quality Olive Oil and rub it to your hair
  3. Leave the hair root uncured, about 2.5cm from the scalp
  4. Dry hair with a hair dryer, blowing with moderate heat

In case of damaged hair (shrinkage), you can spray the hair with Olive Oil and leave it for 2 hours or even overnight. Then wash your head with a shampoo normally.

Also, you can use the best olive oil shampoo and conditioner and olive oil soap for your daily routine instead.

Kalamata Olive Oil for Skin moisture and care

Olive oil is a great tool for a face mask. It will nourish and soften the skin, giving it a natural shine due to vitamin E:

  1. Mix a 1 tablespoon of good Olive Oil with egg yolk
  2. Put this paste on a washed clean face
  3. Hold for 10 minutes and rinse with warm (not hot) water.

Kalamata Olive Oil for Lips

The skin of the lips is very thin, causing wrinkles to appear around them very quickly. The oleic acid in avocados softens the lips and makes it plumper. The antioxidants in Olive Oil protect skin from free radicals that promote early aging.

Using Kalamata Olive Oil for avocado cream for your lips:

  1. Mix half the ripe avocado with a 1 teaspoon of good quality Olive Oil
  2. Apply the cream to your lips and leave for 25 minutes
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Repeat this procedure twice a week

Kalamata Olive Oil for Nails

Olive Oil can help strengthen your nails due to the beneficial components inside. Just add some Olive Oil to the bowl and warm it to room temperature and hold the nails for 10 minutes. Repeat this procedure 2 times a week and you will have healthy, strong and beautiful nails. Olive Oil can be used with other oils such as tea tree oil, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, castor oil and other essential oils.

Always remember – 10 Olives per day, keeps Doctor away! 

If you are interested to improve your health and increase the quality of life, you can try Oliviada Kalamata Olive Oil produced by local Greek family. Shop ->

Source:  National Center for Biotechnology Information, International Olive Council,  BBC Health

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