adopt an olive tree in greece

Adopt an Olive Tree – Receive Kalamata Olive Oil

From Our Olive Grove to Your Table!

2 Olive Tree Adoption Options

Perfect for a Personalized Gift

Name Your Olive Tree
Get Adoption Certificate
Olive Tree Card
Receive Premium Olive Oil
15% Discount for Renewal

olive tree adoption
adopt an olive tree in Greece olive oil

What is Olive Tree Adoption?

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece is an opportunity to take an olive tree parenting role in the local Greek family olive grove. In return, receive premium quality Kalamata olive oil.

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Why Choose Oliviada?

– 100% Natural Product

Oliviada PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pure, unfiltered, first-cold-pressed Kalamata olive oil produced by our Greek family

– Sustainable Agriculture & Packaging

  • Our olives are hand-picked with minimal CO2 emission revealed during harvest
  • Pesticide-free / Herbicide-free
  • Environmentally friendly packaging – we ship olive oil bottles in wooden boxes

– Made in Greece

We work only with local Greek suppliers for product manufacturing, design & packaging purposes.

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