– How to Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece? –

1. Choose Oliviada Package

2. Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece

3. Receive Greek Olive Oil

4. Enjoy Extra Virgin Olive Oil

5. Live a Mediterranean Lifestyle!

Let’s choose Olive Tree Adoption
olive tree adoption Kalamata

Olive Tree Adoption Package

Perfect for a Gift

  • Name your Olive Tree

  • Get Adoption Certificate

  • Send Olive Tree Card

  • Receive Olive Oil

  • 15% Discount for Renewal

Adopt for 6 months
Adopt for 1 year

– What is Olive Tree Adoption? –

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece is an opportunity to take an olive tree parenting role in the local Greek family farm in Kalamata.

Learn olive tree adoption specifics

– Why to Choose Oliviada? –

What is Kalamata Olive Oil?

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Kalamata Olive Oil Health Benefits