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1 Year Olive Tree Adoption


Adopt an Olive Tree in GREECE as a special Gift for yourself or your beloved ones. In return, receive Oliviada PREMIUM KALAMATA Olive Oil delivered directly to your home twice per year!

Oliviada olive oil is 100% natural olive juice. Thus, first-cold-pressed and certified PREMIUM Extra Virgin Olive Oil from KALAMATA, Greece.

Our Greek family members will prepare & ship a personalized adoption package wrapped in a wooden box directly to your or your beloved home including:

  • Personalized 1 Year Adoption Certificate + Name your adopted Olive Tree
  • Olive tree card with your personal wishes
  • 2 Olive Oil Shipments per Year (2 glass Olive Oil bottles x 750ml in a wooden box twice per year): 1st shipment within few days after order placement + 2nd after half a year
  • 15% Member Discount for Olive Tree Adoption program renewal

Name of olive tree * 

Enter the name of the olive tree you want to give to your adopted tree

Personal message

Add personal wishes or message you want us to print on a card

Perfect for a Personalized Gift

Upon request, we can personalize and create a unique gift suitable for all occasions: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or new arrival.

Greek Olive Tree Adoption

Overall, Oliviada Greek Olive Tree Adoption program is an opportunity to take part in a local Greek family-run business. Thus, it is one of the most powerful ways in which you can help in nurturing the olive tree and support its growth in the sunniest Kalamata.

Oliviada “Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece” program continues on a fundamental basis which is reliability and respect to the customers by producing and shipping 100% natural PREMIUM Kalamata Olive Oil. Moreover, the local Greek family created Oliviada products are about the people who support a high-quality lifestyle, eco products and their wellness.

Adopt an Olive Tree – receive PREMIUM KALAMATA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Adopt an Olive Oil Tree and, in return, you will receive the PREMIUM KALAMATA Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) with the following characteristics:

  • 100% unfiltered, unblended, unrefined, first-cold-pressed by the local Greek family
  • 3rd generation traditional and high-quality cultivation and producing techniques
  • Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) produced from Koroneiki olives
  • Origin: classified P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Kalamata, Greece
  • Healthy & Nutritious: our olive oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats
  • Once tasted, you will never use other types of oils, only fresh unfiltered Greek olive oil from Kalamata

Kalamata Adopt an Olive Tree Gift is a Personalized Gift for all occasions

Kalamata Adopt an Olive Tree Gift is totally personalized to our customer’s desires and their needs and creates an amazing gift for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and new arrivals. Every single adoption is customized based on a customer request, we will keep in touch with you directly within a couple of days after the purchase. If you have any preferences or special wishes to customize and personalize Greek olive tree adoption gift, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Shipping & Return

We prepare and ship Olive Tree Adoption packages internationally. All orders are despatched within 2-3 business days of processing time. However, depending on our customer gift customization needs, some orders may take longer to be prepared & sent. In such instances, we would inform our customers about delays by email or phone immediately. Estimated delivery 5-10 working days to Europe & 7-17  working days to non-EU countries. More in Returns policy…


Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm



Kalamata, Peloponnese peninsula, southern Greece

Oil type

Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Certified Kalamata Olive Oil

7 reviews for Greek Olive Tree Adoption as a Gift – Kalamata Premium Olive Oil

  1. Maureen Serge

    The quality and personal service that I received on my purchase was wonderful. Not along is the idea of adopting my very own olive tree unique but the product was outstanding.
    Thank you for this wonderful product. I will be back Year after year.

  2. John S.

    I fall in love with Kalamata olive oil when i was travelling in Greece few years ago. From then on i never use different oil. I have a small family business as well and i know how it is important to support local production directly. I gave Oliviada Kalamata olive oil as gifts and it was very well received by my dearest friends. Thousands like to this delicious product!

  3. Victor Bell

    This is a fantastic gift idea. I’m very pleased with the packaging, olive oil flavor and the service throughout all the process customising the gift to my mum. Highly recommended! Thanks!

  4. Anthony Hampford

    I was looking for a unique gift from Greece, were my parents chose to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. The idea was brilliant, and what I liked the most was attention to detail. I was very happy with the support throughout the process. Mr Vangelis thank you for asking if everything went well with delivery :) Last but not least, the olive oil flavor and taste, so fresh so natural!

  5. Angelica M

    Simple THE best olive oil I’ve ever used. Absolutely delicious, very thick and nice flavor that’s never heavy or overpowering. Great for cooking, not only salads!

  6. Maria

    Very nice surprise when we received an Oliviada Olive Tree adoption package. It was beautiful decorated wooden box and the olive oil taste was rich and delicious. Very nice idea for a gift or surprise to your friends or family members!

  7. Rachel K

    I am super impressed with Oliviada product! This Greek Kalamata olive oil is A grade and the packaging was awesomely, great done. The nicely designed bottles are food to go on my dining table! I am impressed and highly recommend

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