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best olive oil dispenser

What is the Best Olive Oil Dispenser? My Top 6 Picks

The best olive oil dispenser is a great way to store, present, and serve olive oil at a dining table, in the kitchen, and other food-related places. It is a simple solution that keeps olive oil fresh and hygienic and offers optimal convenience of use. In addition, olive oil dispenser works as a precise portion control mechanism and helps you to pour oil in small quantities.

However, there are some basic olive oil dispenser features you should consider. Otherwise, an incorrect way of keeping olive oil in the dispenser will affect its freshness and quality.

As to avoid such situations, I have done a research for you. During my research, I put together the features and requirements for the best olive oil dispenser. Then, I was able to find 6 best olive oil dispensers that are next level.

I have brought together these 6 best olive oil dispensers in a comparison table based on the manufacturing design and popularity by olive oil lovers. So in this article, you will find the answers what to look for when choosing the best olive oil dispenser and pick the right one as per your needs.


The standard dispenser size is 17 oz (equals to 500 ml). Indeed, this is the ideal size for a dispenser to be placed on a table. And, this size is perfect to fill up a standard half a liter extra virgin olive oil inside.

Of course, for the modern design dispensers, the size range is broader, starting from 7 to 27 oz (200 ml to 800 ml).


Absolutely, always look for an olive oil dispenser made of eco-friendly material: glass, stainless steel, or ceramics. Thus, try to avoid plastic products for olive oil keeping as its components affect the quality of olive oil.

For instance, the clear glass dispenser is a nice way to represent the golden liquid inside. However, the dark-colored glass dispenser with UV protection is the better way to store olive oil. Because this will protect the olive oil from exposure to the sun rays which decrease the quality of olive oil.

As well, the glass or ceramics dispensers keep much longer than the plastic ones.

On the whole, I would highly recommend olive oil dispenser made of glass because of the following reasons:

  • It’s an eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable material.
  • You can see through the glass, which makes it easy to spot when you have to refill the dispenser with olive oil.
  • It’s a heavy and long-lasting material, which makes it robust and stable when it stands on the table or on the shelves.
  • It provides a great look and becomes a beautiful kitchen decor.


Importantly to know, try to avoid keeping olive oil dispenser in the direct sunlight next to the window. If your kitchen table is next to the window, then place olive oil on the table a few minutes prior to serving food. Then, after the food put the dispenser back in the cupboard or shelf away from the sunlight.


Clearly, olive oil dispensers are designed not only for the purpose of functionality and convenience but as well for its presentation. No doubt, these dispensers bestow beauty, style, and versatility to every breakfast table or kitchen shelf.

As well, by using olive oil dispenser you put an end to the mess in the kitchen as it is designed to work functionally and secure. No more olive oil drips, spills or accidents on a kitchen table!

Vremi best olive oil dispenser
Above: Vremi olive oil dispenser has dual spout cork for slow and fast pouring speed


Once you choose the best olive oil dispenser, you can serve your olive oil efficiently, quickly and in a simple way. In fact, you will no longer waste your time when measuring portions of olive oil you want to pour on your salads or on a piece of bread.  The olive oil dispenser will do a job for you! Indeed, this product is designed for precision portions and pours the specific amount of olive oil each time. It is made for quick and easy serving!

My Top 6 Olive Oil Dispensers

I have researched the best olive oil dispensers available online and picked the top 6 that will fulfill all your needs. Even so, this dispenser selection is carefully chosen and all the products are perfectly good, I gave our ranking as an additional opinion.

Because of my final conclusion of this research, I have grouped olive oil dispensers into 2 groups: classic and modern designs.

3 Classic Design Olive Oil Dispensers

Well, classic dispensers are economical and offer self-service that is attractive, safe, secure, and sanitary. Let’s admit, you will never miss it if you choose a classic product. So here are my first top 3 classic olive oil dispensers with brief reviews below the table.

Olive Oil Dispenser Aozita Zeppoli Vremi
Image Aozita dispenser Zeppoli dispenser Vremi dispenser
Olive oil & vinegar set No Yes Yes
Material Glass & Stainless Steel Glass & Stainless Steel Glass & Stainless Steel
Color Dark brown Clear Clear
Volume 17 oz (= 500ml) 17 oz (= 500ml) 17 oz (= 500ml)
Our rating dispenser rating 4sm 1 dispenser ranking 5 dispenser ranking 5
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes Yes
Quality 100% BPA Free 100% BPA Free 100% BPA Free
Price range Low – $ Medium – $$ Low – $
Buy Now Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon


Aozita best olive oil dispenser

What’s great about it:

This classic design and elegant style olive oil dispenser is one of the greatest products out there. It has amazing functionally with upgraded flip-top which keeps the dust-out. Plus, the best part of Aozita dispenser is its dark-brown glass. It efficiently protects olive oil from sunlight and keeps the oil fresh for a longer time. In summary, Aozita olive oil dispenser looks classy, is easy to use and clean.

Cool features:

  • Dark-colored glass, easy to clean
  • With stainless aided funnel for smooth refill without leakages
  • Shatter resistance for your safety



Zeppoli best olive oil dispenser

What’s great about it:

With this full Zeppoli set, you not only get one of the best olive oil dispensers but you also get vinegar dispenser. On the whole, these clear glass dispensers are classic designs that are great enough to go with most kitchens. As well, the brilliant part about Zeppoli brand dispensers is dual sprout cork where you can choose pouring speed: slow or quick over salads, pasta, and other meals. So, no more accidents with overdosing on your dish!

Cool features:

  • Dual spout corks for different speed pouring
  • Caps to avoid spillage and messy kitchen
  • Durable design won’t break so easily



Vremi best olive oil dispenser

What’s great about it:

This decorative dispenser set is a perfect combo with measurement labels. Also, it includes a stainless steel caddy for easy transport from the kitchen to your dining room table. Due to convenient tops, you will never have to worry about leakage or spills. These bottles make your cooking life easy and hassle-free!

Cool features:

  • Practical dispenser with measurement labels
  • Different spout corks for slow and fast pouring
  • Stainless steel caddy and rack for easy transportation


3 Modern Design Olive Oil Dispensers

Another group of my top 3 olive oil dispensers is related to modern design. Indeed, they are a stylish element to keep your kitchen looking great and your table clean. No doubt, they are the best dispenser for the modern yet very functional kitchen.

Olive Oil Dispenser Vremi Kibaga Rachel Ray
Image Vremi dispenser Kibaga dispenser rachel ray dispenser
Design Stylish Modern Elegant Modern Sleek Modern
Material Glass, Stainless Steel & Silicone Glass & Stainless Steel Glass & Stainless Steel
Color Clear Clear Marine blue
Volume 17 oz (= 500ml) 9.4 oz (= 280 ml) 24 oz (= 710 ml)
Our rating dispenser rating 4sm 1 dispenser ranking 5 dispenser ranking 5
Dishwasher safe Yes, only the glass part Yes, only the glass part Yes
Quality 100% BPA Free 100% BPA Free 100% BPA Free
Price range High – $$$ Medium – $$ Low – $
Buy Now Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon Buy on Amazon


Vremi dispenser

What’s great about it:

This is an elegant dispenser that helps to avoid over-dressing your meals due to its measurement labels. Plus, the silicon lid and this modern design ensure mess-free pouring without spilling, sloping, or leaking for accurate measurement every time. No more over-dosing and messes in your modern style kitchen!

Cool features:

  • Precise measurement labels
  • Oil pump for portion control
  • Stainless steel caddy and rack for easy transportation



Kibaga dispenser

What’s great about it:

Kibaga brand dispenser is an unbeatable kitchen duo. Thanks to the clever design of the dispenser spout, it prevents your oils from dripping and ensures your kitchen stays spotless. As well, I like the way that they don’t pour too quick so it’s very portion controls. It is a brilliant dispenser for the modern yet very functional kitchen!

Cool features:

  • Functional design and non-drip feature
  • Look great and works very well
  • It comes in a gift box – perfect for a gift!


Rachel Ray

Rachel ray best olive oil dispenser

What’s great about it:

Absolutely, Rachel Ray olive oil dispenser is a “must-have” everyday kitchen accessory.  For example, it has a sleek design and crafted from sturdy ceramics which protects olive oil from oxidation. As a result, olive oil is kept fresh and hygienic. Comfortable handle and spout help to control pouring speed. Plus, this dispenser is a fun color match and complement to many other Rachel Ray kitchenware items. Well, it is an awesome decoration in your house!

Cool features:

  • Safe ceramics protecting from olive oil oxidation
  • Variety of colors for every kitchen design
  • Integrated handle for a firm grip



Prior to choosing the best olive oil dispenser, the buyers have many questions. As to anticipate their needs, I have listed the most frequent questions asked about olive oil dispensers with short answers that will guide you in the best direction.

Kibaga best olive oil dispenser
Above: Kibaga olive oil dispenser has a very stylish and modern look

Q: How Long Can Olive Oil Dispenser last?

You can use olive oil dispensers for many years.  For instance, dispensers made from glass is reusable and recyclable. All you need to buy a freshly produced good quality extra virgin olive oil and ready to go.

kalamata olive oil
Read more about Kalamata olive oil

Q: What Olive Oil I Should Use?

One of the best olive oils recognized worldwide is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.  For example, Kalamata olive oil is the highest-ranking among other olive oils with low acidity.

Q: Should I Keep Olive Oil in a Refrigerator?

If you keep olive oil in the refrigerator, the oil will solidify and get cloudy. Due to this reason, the best way to keep olive oil is a cool, dark place.

Q: How to Clean Olive Oil Dispenser?

You can use a dishwasher for a glass part of the dispenser. In case, the product instructions recommend differently, you can use warm water mixed with soap and vinegar. Pour all ingredients into the bottle, shake up the mix very well and leave it for an hour. For instance, you can repeat it several times to achieve optimal results.

Q: Is the Plastic Used in the Pump is Always BPA Free?

That depends. You should carefully read the product description.  Because it always describes what type of materials are being used.

Q: Can I Use Other Liquids in the Dispenser?

Yes, you can use other liquids such as vinegar, balsamic, or soya sauce. However, I would be careful about using it in the bathroom for soaps, shampoos, or conditioners. Unless you are 100% sure that your dispenser is suitable for this purpose.

Final thoughts

In summary, an olive oil dispenser is the best solution for olive oil self-serving needs at a dining table.  Because it is a very precise and convenient way of serving olive oil on your salads, pasta, or main meals.

homemade infused olive oil recipesAs you can see, you can match a dispenser with your kitchen design and choose the best version for a classic or modern kitchen. Moreover, with the best of your choice of olive oil dispenser, you can avoid waste, protect the environment, and save your precious time and money. It is a simple solution to challenging kitchen requirements. So, time to choose the best olive oil dispenser for your kitchen design and your needs!

The last and not the least, if you are looking for a premium quality olive oil to refill your new dispenser, then I recommend our Greek family produced Kalamata olive oil.  Thus, this olive oil is 100% natural first-cold-pressed premium extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity.

Kalamata olive oil shop

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