Wondering is olive oil good for dogs? Actually, olive oil for dogs is an amazing natural remedy to enhance their health system and provide beauty benefits.

Olive oil is a natural vitamin and antioxidant source for dogs with pancreatitis and mild constipation issues. No doubt, it is a good supply for a dog’s energy and immune system. This oil regulates metabolism and prevents various diseases. Good quality olive oil not only keeps your dog healthier but brings lots of beauty benefits as well. That said, olive oil is the best dog’s dry skin moisturizer, preventing skin itching and dog fleas. Indeed, it is a spa treatment for your dog’s coat, dry skin, and hairballs.

Due to the fact that olive oil is high in fat and calories, you should only share it with your dog in moderation. Because overdosing of olive oil can cause diarrhea for a dog. In order to avoid such situations, I explain how much olive oil your dog can eat per day and what olive oil type is the best to use for your beloved pets.

Olive oil is not only a great ingredient in the kitchen but it can be also wonderful for your dog. After reading this article you no longer worry if olive oil is safe to add to your dog’s diet. This reading will give you 15 reasons why olive oil is good for dogs’ health and beauty!

olive oil good for dogs

Above: infographics why olive oil is good for dogs

1. Olive Oil is Good for Dogs Coat Look

Adding an olive oil into your dog’s diet, it will provide a good omega-3 vitamin source and improve its coat. As a result, the coat will become shinier, softer, and smooth.

2. Reduces Dogs Shedding

Indeed, good quality olive oil reduces excessive dog shedding. For instance, olive oil is considered a healthy fat and contains key omega-3 and omega-6 vitamins. That helps moisturize, strengthen, and nourish the dog’s skin and coat from the inside out. As a result, it will lead to stronger hair follicles, a healthy coat, and less shedding.

3. Olive Oil Good for Dogs Itchy Skin

Absolutely, this natural remedy is safe for your dog’s skin and has many benefits for dogs treatment with dry or itchy skin. Olive oil contains vitamin E, vitamin K and omega-3 fatty acids, which treats the dog’s coat inside out.

  • For external use, apply olive oil directly to the skin and slowly rub it as to retrieve the dog’s skin itching. Olive oil is a great natural remedy for your dog. When rubbed onto the skin, the olive oil penetrates deeply to moisturize and make a healthy skin look.
  • For internal use, add 5-8 drops of olive oil to your dog’s food for several days. Once you see your dog feels better, you can continue to add a few drops a day to your dog’s meal to keep their skin and coat healthier.
olive oil good to relieve skin itching

Gently rubbing olive oil into the dog’s skin will help with itching.

4. Helps to Manage Dogs Hairballs

Sometimes you find your dog coughing up a hairball painfully. Would you like to know how to avoid it in the future? Well, the answer is olive oil. Just add olive oil into your dogs’ diet and you will see unexpected results. Your dog’s fur will become softer and smoother and it will save your dog from unpleasant hairball experience.

5. Olive Oil Kill Fleas on Dogs

Olive oil good for dogs to treat fleas. It works as a great natural flea remedy and treatment for dogs.

6. Olive Oil Comforts Dogs with Pancreatitis

Another olive oil health benefit is related to antioxidants: vitamin E and polyphenols. These elements have a tendency to reduce inflammation in a dog’s body and improve pancreatitis health. However, you should use only premium quality olive oil for your dog and, of course, monitor the consumption.

7. Helps to Treat Dogs Constipation

Olive oil is one of the best ways to treat mild constipation in dogs. It helps to lubricate your dog’s digestive tract and allows for easier passage and poop.

8. Olive Oil Good for Dogs Ears

Did you know that you can use olive oil to clean your dog’s ears if you do not have any dog ear cleaner? Yes, olive oil helps loosen any wax! Olive oil works as a natural remedy and can treat dogs ear infection too. Apply 5-6 drops of quality olive oil (home temperature) into the canal, it will soothe ear pain and clean it. To put olive oil into the dog ear is absolutely safe and non-harmful and brings relief to your dog instantly.

9. Improves Dogs Joints & Muscles Health

Studies proved that good quality olive oil improves mobility in dog’s joints and strengthens muscles. Especially it is very important for senior dogs if they develop arthritis as they age. So if you add olive oil in your dog’s diet, your pet will move pain-free!

10. Olive Oil Boosts Dogs Immunity

Olive oil is rich in nutrients, antioxidants including polyphenols, Vitamin E. Those elements contribute together to keep and improve your dog’s health and immune system. As well, it helps your dog to fight common illnesses and stay pests-free.

11. Great for Dogs Brain Function

Olive oil is full of healthy monounsaturated fats which are great for brain-health and focus. This can be very beneficial to mature dogs who are beginning to age.

12. Olive Oil Supplies a Good Energy Boost

Vitamins and the high calorie-count of olive oil are amazing for very active dogs who expend a lot of energy running and exercising throughout the day.

13. Helps with Dogs Breathing

If your dog has issues with breathing, try to add olive oil to your dog’s diet. It can regulate the blood flow and help with circulatory problems.

14. Olive Oil Regulates Dogs Weight

Surprisingly, but olive oil high in calories is known for its weight loss properties not only for humans but for pets as well. Due to the fact it is rich in monounsaturated healthy fats which improves the process of breaking down the fat cells of the body and helps to lose those extra pounds your dog might be struggling with.

15. Overall it is Great for Dogs Beauty

Overall, olive oil contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which affect your pet’s longevity and slows the aging process. It results in a shinier dog’s coat and healthier skin. And makes your furry friend cuddlier and happier.

What Kind of Olive Oil Should I Use for My Dog?

Always choose the best quality olive oil for your furry friends to gain the maximum results. Most veterans recommend the highest quality extra virgin olive oil made by using the first cold pressing technique.

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One of the best olive oils for dogs is Kalamata extra virgin olive oil with low acidity. It is the highest rank olive oil and provides many benefits beyond its super healthy nutrition. Absolutely, Kalamata extra virgin olive oil is known for its richness in vitamins and antioxidants required for dog’s health and beauty.

Always remember, a spoon of olive oil per day, keeps a doctor away :)

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How Much Olive Oil Should I Give to My Dog Per Day?

According to vet recommendations, if your dog is small, mix 1 teaspoon of good quality olive oil per 10 pounds (= 4.5 kg) of body weight with dog’s regular food, whether wet or dry. For the very tiny dogs, I would recommend just a few drops per meal.

For bigger dogs, beneficial to use no more than one tablespoon of quality olive oil per 20 pounds (= 9 kg) of body weight per meal.

Dog’s Weight in Pounds Dog’s Weight in Kilograms Olive Oil Dosage for Dog*
5 lb 2.3 kg 5 drops
10 lb 4.5 kg 1 teaspoon
15 lb 6.8 kg 1/2 tablespoon
20 lb 9 kg 1 tablespoon
25 lb 11 kg 1 ¼ tablespoon
30 lb 13.6 kg 1.5 tablespoon
40 lb 18 kg 2 tablespoon

The above table shows olive oil dosage to your dog based on its weight

*If any doubts in changing current dog’s diet please speak with your dog’s vet first

dry meal bowl for dogs

The best way to feed your dog with olive oil is to mix it with its dry or wet meal

Is Olive Oil Safe for My Dog?

Yes, absolutely. It is safe for dogs to ingest olive oil, in the moderated quantities. Though olive oil has many health & beauty benefits for dogs, too much of it can lead to digestive issues and weight gain.

You should avoid giving olive oil to:

  • Puppies with sensitive tummies.
  • Dogs if they showing any signs of diarrhea or vomiting.
  • If your dog has any health issues, speak with your vet first prior to adding olive oil in a dog’s diet.


To summarise all the above, good quality olive oil does not only help dogs to feel good, but it serves them to look good. Well incorporated olive oil in your dog’s diet can be a superfood with so many health and beauty benefits.

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No doubt, olive oil is good for dogs and has potential benefits. It prevents various diseases, boosts the immune system, and improves joints and brain health. This natural remedy keeps your dog healthy, shiny and shedding less. Don’t hesitate to add this ingredient to your dog’s bowl.

Generally, I recommend using Kalamata extra virgin olive oil which is good for dogs health and beauty. You can find certified premium quality Kalamata extra virgin olive oil produced by local Greek family here:



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