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In modern times, beauty has become more and more important. This can be seen in the unprecedented growth of the beauty industry worldwide. Each year, people all around the globe spend billions of dollars trying to improve their appearance. Luxury skincare products, makeup kits, and plastic surgery have taken ahold of people of all ages. Still, it can be hard to keep up financially and socially with every new trend. Beauty is something we all increasingly desire, but sometimes it can feel out of our reach.

What if there was an easier, more natural solution for our beauty woes? What if we didn’t always have to go to such extremes to look beautiful? In truth, this is entirely possible. Natural products with a long history can be just as useful as the new top of the line beauty technologies. Sometimes the best beauty solutions come in the simplest forms. Olive oil uses for beauty is a great example of this. This organic remedy is proof that nature is the best source to improve our beauty.

Why You Should Use Olive Oil in your Daily Beauty Routine?

The beauty benefits of olive oil are not a secret. For over five thousand years, ancient civilizations have used olive oil to enhance outer beauty. Romans used this oil to make their skin glow. Egyptians and Greeks also knew of the benefits of this natural substance and applied it regularly to their skin. It was even said that the famed beauty Cleopatra used olive oil in her daily beauty routine.

The only question now is why we aren’t reaping the same olive oil uses & benefits as our ancestors? If olive oil was good enough for these greats cultures, it is certainly good enough for us. People of any age and background can take advantage of olive oil to enhance their appearance and even boost their health. With an unending number of ways to use this naturally occurring substance, we can all find ways to incorporate olive oil into our daily beauty routine.

olive oil beauty benefits

Olive Oil as a Beauty Products

People see olive oil as a cooking tool. To many, you add it to your salad or your pan so you can have something healthy to put into your body and flavor food with. But this essential oil is so much more than that. As scientists continue to unlock the potential of this natural substance, buying quality olive oil has never been more important. Both consuming olive oil and applying it to our skin can bring us health and beauty. It also brings more benefits for our skin, hair, and overall appearance. These gains are being discovered and rediscovered as we speak.

In short, this thousands of years old beauty remedy is a must-have in your home. So read on if you want to learn more. We will give you a taste of some of the beauty benefits you will experience by purchasing good quality olive oil. We will also include helpful tips and short tutorials to help you incorporate olive oil into your regular beauty ritual.

Why it is Important to Buy High-Quality Olive Oil for Your Beauty?

Before you buy this product and begin using it, there is one thing to be aware of. The type of olive oil you use is of the utmost importance. If you are going to use this remedy on your skin, make sure you get the best quality olive oil.

A lot of olive oil fails to meet quality standards. It is worth noting that around 70% of olive oil supplies in the U.S. are not pure and are tainted with chemicals. Olive oil with additives and other substances might cause your skin to break out or become damaged. Because a lot of olive oil isn’t pure and doesn’t meet standards make sure to do some research on the brands you buy.

Make sure to get extra virgin olive oil that is unfiltered and unrefined produced by a local family. This way you can ensure that the olive oil you use can be safely applied to your skin. In addition, you want to use high tier products so you can receive the full benefits of the product.

Our Oliviada Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% unfiltered, unblended, pure olive juice. Most importantly, Oliviada olive oil is produced by a local Greek family by using traditional extraction methods and focusing on high-quality products. If you want to improve your own health and beauty, start using Oliviada high-quality products: 

How Olive Oil Can Help You Reduce and Eliminate Face Wrinkles?

It is no secret, everyone wants to look youthful and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This isn’t such a surprise of course. In today’s culture, beauty is synonymous with youth. As a result, a lot of beauty products claim they can turn back the clocks, but this can come at a steep price. If you want to look younger, but don’t want to break the bank, various olive oil uses for skin is one solution that will make your it look younger and smoother.

Just a teaspoon or two each night should do the trick. And if you want an extra wrinkle deterrent, try adding 1/4 teaspoons of lemon juice to the oil.

When you try this routine, remember that more is less. At night, dab a few drops on areas with wrinkles and rub the oil in slowly. Use the remainder of the oil to cover the rest of your face. The vitamins and antioxidants in this substance will help heal skin and put a brake on the aging process. This is useful for rejuvenating your skin and preventing future wrinkles. If you want another preventive measure, putting a little bit of olive oil on before you leave the house can be effectual.

Recent research has suggested that olive oil can act as a barrier to UV rays emitted by the sun. UV light can cause wrinkles, but if you put olive oil on you can stop UV from penetrating your skin and causing premature aging.

When you apply this to your face make sure to be gentle and use circular motions. You don’t want to over-moisturize, but you still want your skin to feel dewy. Olive oil is great but you don’t want to clog up your pores by putting on too much. Overall though, when used right, this substance is the perfect way to keep your face looking radiant and youthful.

extra virgin olive oil for eyelashes eyebrows
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How to Use Olive Oil for the Perfect Overnight Face-Mask?

Maybe you’re having a night in, or you want to feel a little refreshed before going to bed. A face mask is a great way to make your skin feel good right before you sleep the night away. With olive oil and a few other ingredients, you can make an effective and great smelling face mask.

One quick recipe involves honey and eggs. Before bed, put an egg yolk, a little honey, and some olive oil in a bowl. Mix the ingredients well, then put the mix on your face. It’s best to leave it on for fifteen minutes. Afterward, you should wash your face off with warm water. Make sure to rid your skin of the substance entirely and pat your skin gently with a towel. This mixture is great because the eggs in the mask will tighten up your skin and the honey and olive oil uses will help make your skin look less dull.

If you want a mask that can stay on all night then try this recipe. Measure out a few tablespoons of olive oil, and then find your go-to night cream. Mix the two ingredients and then spread the mixture across your face. You can leave this on overnight, and wash it off in the morning with warm water. Your face will feel better than ever after trying this out!

Olive Oil Uses for Beauty

How to Make Your Face Glow With Olive Oil?

Olive oil is full of an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, and valuable substances. The chlorophyll found in olive oil is one of these important substances. This natural ingredient helps olive oil give you that natural glowing look you want. So how can you get the most out of your olive oil and make your face glow? Here are some options!

Pour out a tablespoon of olive oil. Afterward, prepare some hot water and a face towel. Once you have these items ready, rub the oil into your face. Pick up the cloth and soak it in the water, wring it a little, and then let the warm cloth sit on your face. Let it soak on your face until the cloth settles down to room temperature. Soak the cloth again, but don’t let it idle this time around. You want to gently remove the oil from your face instead. Pat yourself dry after. You can do this routine in the morning and night.

You will see some results within a week, and your skin will thank you! If you want to switch up your routine though, you can also use the lemon and olive oil recipe to make your skin radiate and look exceptionally bright. Turmeric and olive oil are another great option too. You’ll need two tablespoons of yogurt (non-flavored), 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, and one tablespoon of olive oil. Combine all of these ingredients and then apply the paste onto your face. Let it dry for around fifteen minutes. Then wash your face clear. This face mask can be done twice a week. The turmeric added in with the oil will give your skin an extra glow.

How Olive Oil Can Help You Whiten Your Skin?

Olive oil isn’t known to dramatically lighten the shade of your skin. However, as previously mentioned, olive oil can protect you from the sun’s rays. If you want to keep your skin light, apply olive oil before you go out into the sun. You can prevent the sun from ever making your skin darken with this step alone.


olive oil for hands

If you want something that will actually lighten your skin though, a mix of lemon and olive oil will help you. When you add the two ingredients together you create an exfoliate. The lemon helps clear away old skin and then lightens the skin. The olive oil makes it so that your skin won’t completely dry up when you apply the lemon juice. Make sure not to do this treatment too often, it can cause irritation in the skin if it is used too frequently. Also, don’t add too much lemon juice. If you need to add a little extra power to this whitening agent, try putting in some parsley into the mixture. Your skin will be a little lighter as a result!

extra virgin olive oil for skin care
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Can Olive Oil Improve a Healthier Skin Complexion?

Olive Oil is known to keep skin springy and shiny. In part, this is a result of the anti-inflammatory properties of the substance. The oil keeps your skin looking well-rested and velvety. Nutrients in this natural ingredient also nourish your skin and help keep your face looking healthy and clear. As a natural face conditioner, olive oil can ward away cracks and wrinkles. It can also help reduce burns, scars, stretch marks and other skin ailments through regular use. You can also apply it to reduce skin flare-ups from conditions like eczema. Let the oil sink into your skin and its natural healing properties will do their work.

For teens, good quality olive oil can be a godsend. This helpful ingredient is great for those with acne issues. By using gentle motions and rubbing a little bit of this product into your skin in the morning and at night you can slowly clear the skin up.

A face mask with olive oil can help exfoliate dead skin and clear away bacteria that causes acne. Warm water and olive oil treatment can also help with blackheads and whiteheads. Olive oil uses stops bacteria from growing on the surface of your skin, and can effectively clean and unclog stubborn pores. Really, anyone using this great remedy will be left with a healthier and clearer complexion!

olive oil for body care uses
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How do You Make Your Hands Smooth & Soft with Olive Oil?

Everyone wants smooth hands. You could go out and buy some moisturizing creme or put on some hand lotion, but with olive oil, you can get a little creative and get even smoother hands. Sugar scrubs are a great way to renew the skin in this area. By adding a few tablespoons of sugar to a bowl and mixing in a few tablespoons of olive oil, you can exfoliate and wash away the impurities you have accumulated over your day. Your fingers and palms will smell great too!

This can be done every few days, and if you like it, try making yourself a jar of this great scrub. Your friends might even like to try it out! If you don’t have sugar around sea salt can also be used as an alternative ingredient to create your scrub.

Olive Oil Uses for hands
Applying olive oil on your hands it’s a real spa treatment

You don’t have to use scrubs or exfoliants if that isn’t your thing though. You can simply apply olive oil to your hands. Use a few drops and rub it over the surface of this part of your body. If you want to lock the moisture in further, use saran wrap. Put the oil on first then wrap the plastic around your hands. Let the oil sit for fifteen minutes then wash it off with warm water. Keep your hands under the faucet for a few minutes then dry your skin off. This treatment is sure to give you perfectly supple skin!

Another efficient treatment for your hands can be using organic olive oil soap on daily basis. It helps soften your skin and is very beneficial for sensitive or dry skin. So if you are interested in getting great quality olive oil soap for your hands, here I would like to recommend our handmade 100% natural olive oil soaps by Oliviada.

If you are interested to know how olive oil reduces premature aging and encourages the regeneration of cells in your hand skin, cehck out my recent article olive oil for wrinkled hands and also learn other secrets about olive oil for hands care: 

extra virgin olive oil for hands care by Oliviada
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Does Olive Oil Strengthen Your Nails?

In addition to making your hands feel great, olive oil can also be used to improve your nail health. Try warming up olive oil and dipping your fingers in the solution. Keep your hands in the heated olive oil for five to ten minutes. After you wash off your nails, your cuticles will be softened and your nails will be strengthened.

Another treat for your nails is to simply rub a good quality olive oil into your nails and cuticles. Let it dry.

olive oil for nails
Olive oil softens and strengthens your nails

Olive Oil Uses for Luscious Hair

As for your skin benefits, olive oil is well renowned for its positive effects on the hair. If you want longer more silky locks try putting the oil at the ends of your hair. This will help your hair grow longer and stronger. For a more widespread effect, knead the oil throughout your hair. Rinse it off after fifteen minutes if you want your hair to feel soft and smooth!

Olive Oil Benefits for Hair
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Another great benefit of quality olive oil is to moisture and soften beard hair. Read our article about the benefits and use extra virgin olive oil for beards


Various olive oil uses for beauty is the ultimate beauty product. The advantages of this ancient remedy are aplenty. For one, this versatile substance can be added to almost any type of beauty regimen. You can exfoliate over rough patches, smooth over uneven skin, moisturize every inch of skin, and even reduce the signs of aging. In short, this is a substance that can be used in several ways on virtually all parts of your body, from your hands to your face, to your hair.

With a number of creative and fun ways to utilize this ingredient, you will never run out of uses for this great natural oil. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, additives, or cancer-causing agents when you use olive oil. High-quality olive oil in its natural form provides you with all of nature’s benefits. In addition, olive oil is extremely affordable. Unlike other beauty products, olive oil can be made accessible to anyone. In fact, you can start using Oliviada olive oil today to improve your own beauty and health!

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