Olive Tree Leaves Uses & Benefits

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Did you know that olive tree leaves have been used for centuries and are a well-known medicinal herb? They have been used as a homeopathic remedy even during modern times. Olive tree leaves have a good source of antioxidants and a large variety of beneficial compounds that make your immune system stronger and keeps up a balance in your wellness.

For this reason, I would like to speak about key olive tree leaves uses and benefits that you should be aware of and have a positive effect on your body.

Olive Tree Leaves Uses

You can use olive tree leaves in different ways: to make a tea, to extract it, or even make an olive leaf powder. It will help you to stay healthy and cure some types of symptoms as per the benefits described in the next section.

Now let’s look into how to use olive tree leaves in different ways.

1. Olive Leaves Tea

Olive tree leaves can be prepared as a tea by boiling water and adding the dried leaves. It tastes similar to green tea but it’s sweeter. To get the benefits, drink two cups per day. You can add some sweetener or add even some ice.

2. Olive Leaf Extract

The olive leaf extract came from the olive tree leaves. It has an active ingredient which is called oleuropein which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. That means that it’s good for your body and it will help you to prevent certain conditions such as cancer.

3. Olive Leaf Powder

The leaves of the olive tree can be turned into a powder form. It can be added to other food to make it easier to consume. Olive leaf powder can also be made into a capsule to be taken as a daily supplement.

how to use olive tree leaves
Olive leaves have been recognized for their medicinal value since ancient days. Egyptians called it “heavenly powder” 

Olive Tree Leaves Benefits

There are multiple olive tree leaves benefits which work as an antioxidant, immune booster and a natural defense against cold or flu.

1. Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

By regularly consuming olive tree leaves in different forms, it can reduce the risk of developing heart diseases. It can make your heart healthier. It can regulate the heartbeat to avoid heart attacks and other heart failures in the future.

2. Lowers Blood Pressure

If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, drinking some olive tree leaf tea will lower it down. Consuming olive leaf tea can balance your cholesterol levels and also reduce the bad cholesterol from your system. It’s also caffeine-free which will make you have more energy.

3. Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Olive tree leaves can help to treat people with type 2 diabetes by making insulin levels normal again. One study shows that the triglycerides have been decreased for those patients who consumed 330 millimeters of olive leaf tea. It will make the glucose turn into energy once again.

4. Improves Your Brain Function

If you use olive tree leaves and consume them regularly, it will help to distribute oxygen to the brain. Therefore, it will increase brain function because of this effect. It can also help to avoid premature memory loss and mental decline as you age.

multiple olive tree leaves uses
The olive leaf extract may help infections, inflammation, and certain conditions

5. Eliminates Free Radicals

Free radicals should be eliminated from the body regularly. Consuming olive tree leaves will provide the antioxidants your body needs to get rid of them. The antioxidants found from the olive tree leaf are powerful enough to get rid of the harmful effects of the free radicals.

6. Boosts Immunity

Your immunity levels should always be at their peak to fight different diseases. It’s a good idea to use olive tree leaves to boost your immune system. The olive tree leaf extract has antioxidants that are four times higher than vitamin C which makes it more effective.

7. Fights Herpes

It’s a known fact that olive tree leaf extract can fight Herpes and other viral infections. The olive tree leaf has an antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effect. That’s why it can stop the viral infection from spreading to the body. It can also be mixed with honey to treat rashes.

8. Reduces Inflammation

The olive tree leaves are anti-inflammatory therefore they can reduce inflammation. It’s a good way to prevent diseases and infection. The olive tree leaves can be consumed in different ways to ensure that your body can naturally fight infections.

9. Prevents Cancer

If you use olive tree leaves regularly, it will help you to prevent cancer. The reason for this is because of the antioxidants, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects it possesses. It can help cell regeneration and kill the cancer cells before they can become harmful to the body.

olive tree leaves uses
Olive leaves makes a delicious and healthy tea, it is easy to brew and prepare (in this picture we see Kalamata olive tree leaves)

General FAQs

Can you eat olive leaves?

Yes, you can eat olive leaves, though it is not recommended in big quantities. Some cultures eat olive leaves as part of their rituals or cure of unpleasant symptoms.

Are chewing olive leaves good?

Yes, fresh olive leaves remain unprocessed which is why they have a high quantity of antioxidants and multiple great benefits for your wellbeing. For a fact, people in Yaman are known for eating and chewing olive leaves, and it is reported that Yemenites never suffered from diabetes. 

How to dry olive leaves for tea?

To dry olive tree leaves for tea, you can use a food dehydrator or air dry them. Olive leaves the same as other herbs are delicate and need gentle heat. So even though many do dry leaves in the oven on low heat, I still find that too high for olive leaves.
Whether you’re using a food dehydrator or the air-dry method, space out olive leaves well to get plenty of air circulation. When the olive leaves are completely dry, store them in a pretty, airtight container.

Conclusion on Olive Tree Leaves Uses

If you are growing olive trees indoors or in your backyard, from now on you can access not only olive fruits but olive leaves and use them as a natural herb.

The good thing you can pick olive leaves year-round and prepare a freshly brewed olive leaf tea. Or make olive leaf extract which works as an immune booster and a good mixture in any natural defense against cold or flu.  

If you’re considering using olive leaf extract or other byproducts for any health purpose, make sure to consult your medical adviser first.

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