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large pots for olive trees

7 Large Pots for Olive Trees Reviews – 4 Material Types

If you are growing olive trees in pots, then you are aware of regular re-potting to boost growth. Certainly, choosing the right pot is essential. So, there are several quick tips to follow on how to choose the best large pots for olive trees.

First, you want a pot for your olive tree with sufficient drainage. Because it won’t let the roots of your olive tree to stay moisture and start rotting (hence killing the tree). Secondly, you want to make sure a pot is at least 5 gallons. Then, you make sure you have the right soil for olive trees. Finally, your pot must be at least 25% larger than the root ball of your olive tree.

Overall, you can choose various designs and materials to plant your olive tree in. With that being said, there are 4 specific types of large pots for olive trees I personally recommend.

Quick Overview of Large Pots for Olive Trees

Olive Tree Pot Size

Well, there is one rule you should comply with a pot must be at least 25% larger than the root ball of your olive tree. Every spring you should check the overall situation of your olive tree and decide if you should repot your tree into a larger pot. For example, the standard pot size for olive trees up to 3 years old is 6 to 10 inches ( 15 – 25 cm), there as reasonable pot size for 3+ year olive trees is 12 – 15 inches (30 – 38 cm) and larger.

In case, you want to grow companion plants with your olive tree, then purchase a much bigger container or planter with enough space for all combined plants.

Ceramic Large Pots for Olive Trees

Ceramic pots are one of the best pots to grow your olive trees in due to the following reasons:

  • Looks and feels luxurious

Your olive tree potted in a large ceramic pot looks stunning and luxurious. Definitely, it is a nice alternative to home accessories.

  • Great drainage

They are made from finely textured clay. Then are glazed in white keeping it non-porous. As a result, ceramic pots allow the water to drain effectively which is so important to keep your olive tree in great health.

  • Long-lasting

Ceramic pots are made from a highly robust material that can last for decades. Therefore it works perfectly for olive trees that live for many years.

However, no matter it looks a great choice for your potted olive tree, there are the following disadvantages:

  • Expensive
  • Sensitive to freezing temperature

For instance, if you leave an olive tree in a ceramic pot outside in freezing conditions it will break leaving it useless.  Nevertheless, olive trees are afraid of freezing cold so you should keep it in a ceramic pot in your patio outside all year in warm temperatures, or inside all year.

Finally, if you are looking for a large ceramic pot for olive trees, I recommend my favorite options.

1. Fox & Fern Large Pots for Olive Trees

Fox & Ferm Large Planter fits for olive trees
Brilliant mid-century modern style ceramic pot!

Inspired by the clean lines and organic forms of the mid-century modern style – Fox & Fern created you large pots for olive trees that turn heads.

Thanks to the fiber stone construction it has the same glossy finish, durability, and lightweight. Each pot comes with a drainage plug to allow excess water to run out and keep your trees at a perfect level of hydration. Effortlessly keeps your olive tree alive!

Also, it has a lifetime warranty, so in case your pot is damaged you can return it back to the manufacturer.

Note: Fox & Fern suggest a plant stand as add on product to fit better to your interior. As well, these pots can be used outdoors on your deck or patio and indoors with a saucer or plate to catch excess water if you unplug a drainage plug.

Key Features

  • Ceramic
  • Fox & Fern brand
  • 15” L x 15” W x 14” H
  • 3 colors to choose from
  • Lightweight yet strong as a rock
  • Drainage plug
  • Handmade of fiber stone
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Lifetime warranty


2. Amazon Brand Ceramic Planter with Stand

Amazon brand ceramic planter
Classy & elegant mid-century ceramic pot with stand

An Amazon Brand is a classy and elegant two-tone round ceramic large pot. It comes with a stand that adds to the minimalist mid-century style look. By the way, this pot and shelf can be used together or separately. Very good quality in appearance and feel!

Though this pot has only one downside there is no drainage hole. So it cant be used outdoors. However, for indoors, you can drill it or use a moisture meter to measure the soil situation and know when to water your olive tree.

Key Features

  • Ceramic, stoneware
  • Amazon brand
  • S to XL size options
  • Multiple colors to choose from
  • Comes with stand
  • No drainage holes
  • Indoor use
  • Great value for a price


Clay Pots

Clay pots may be your favorite large pots to grow olive trees and here is why:

  • Durable clay pots

Clay pots are typically made with unglazed terracotta clay and keep for many years. As well, these pots may be named as terracotta pots suitable for your olive trees.

  • Great drainage

Another benefit of the clay pot for your olive tree is that they dry out slightly faster. So it will keep the roots of your olive tree from moisture. Just don’t forget to water it regularly.

  • Versatility for both inside and outside
  • Affordable

However, a small disadvantage of clay pots is their resistless to freezing weather. It can crack easily if left in freezing cold, so it is more suitable for indoors all year round or outdoors in pleasant temperatures.

Finally, if you are interested in re-potting a growing olive tree into a bigger clay pot, I recommend this fantastic and modern décor clay pot.

3. Pure Garden Fiber Clay Pot

Pure Garden Fiber Clay Planter
Gorgeous Pure Garden clay fiber large pots for olive trees!

Pure Garden is made from fiber clay which makes it lightweight and durable in almost every climate or weather condition. It has a great look and quality!

The great thing about this option, the set comes with 3 pots in different sizes. Therefore, it allows you not only re-pot your olive tree in the biggest clay pot but also to plant other 2 flowers or even herbs based on your needs. Each pot gives unique and individual character and by putting all of them together it creates a small gorgeous garden feeling.

Note: these planters can be used outdoors on your deck or patio and indoors with a saucer or plate to catch excess water.

Key Features

  • Clay and fiberglass
  • Pure Garden brand
  • 15” L x 15” W x 15” H
  • Weights 13 kg –  pounds
  • Drainage holes
  • Set of 3 items
  • Handfinished
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Excellent value for the money


Wooden Pots

Wooden pot for olive trees blends perfectly with the outdoors and easily fits with natural surroundings.

  • Perfect to be outside year-round
  • Very popular among tree growers
  • Most durable

Wooden pots are not likely to crack and are very slow to dry out. For instance, redwood or cedar pots are the most durable type and are most effective against rot.

However, the downside of wooden large pots for olive trees are elated to its material:

  • Heavyweight

Due to its heavyweight, you typically want to leave them in one spot and not move around.

  • Drainage issues

Wooden pots (and your olive tree) can rot from too much water. So it may need more drainage holes cut into them.

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a wooden pot for your olive tree, I am recommending this classic home and garden style wooden pot.

4. Classic Home and Garden Wooden Pot

Classic Whiskey Barrel for olive trees
Beautiful coloring whiskey barrel pot fits great for olive trees

The classic whiskey barrel pot is made from a distressed oak and presented with antique pewter colored bands. It is good quality and beautiful coloring item.

The great thing about this wooden pot is its lightweight and durability. It is UV protected to prevent color from fading and has drainage holes perfect for olive trees.

Classic home and garden wooden pot is very popular on Amazon among the tree growers and has an excellent price! Available in 3 sizes so pick the right one for yourself.

Note: For indoor growing, there is good chance water will drain onto the ground and can cause quite the damage indoors. To prevent water damage, you can get a saucer or a plate.

Key Features

  • Distressed oak
  • Classic home and garden store
  • Available in 3 sizes: 9″, 15″, & 20
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Excellent price


Plastic Pots

Plastic pot for olive trees is one of the most popular choices made by gardeners and tree growers. It is like a jackpot among the pots!

  • Cheapest pots

Plastic pots are the cheapest pots in the market

  • Looks lovely

Even though they are from plastic, though plastic pots are made to look like ceramic or clay pots.

  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors

Ideal to keep your olive tree indoors and to leave outdoors year-round (if the temperature does not drop below … F)

  • Lightweight

Potted olive trees in a plastic pot can be easily moved between indoor and outdoor locations.

On contrary, the disadvantage of plastic pots for olive trees is less durable than most of the other pots. As a result, it does not drain as effectively.

Finally, if you are interested in purchasing a large plastic pot for the olive tree, I recommend Bloem pot – one of the best sellers on Amazon:

5. Bloem Self Watering Plastic Pot

Bloem Planter Great for olive trees
Amazing self-watering Bloem pot has a big selection in colors and sizes

Bloem pot is one of the most popular in the market due to its features and great price! I am sure it may it will quickly become one of your favorite pots as well because it helps keep your plants from drying out and will reduce the time you spend watering.

Bloem pot provides a regular water supply that helps to thrive your olive tree. Indeed, it is a perfect solution for going away on vacation or busy schedules.

You can manage the drainage system yourself by adding more drainage holes using a drill or a hammer.

Note: There is good chance water will drain onto the ground.  This isn’t a big deal if you are outside, but this can cause quite the damage indoors. To prevent water damage, I recommend purchasing a Bloem Plant Saucer.

Key Features

  • Plastic
  • Bloem brand
  • 6” to 20” size options
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Self-watering
  • Different drainage needs
  • Durable and fade resistant (100% UV )
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Very cheap


6. Novelty Classic Urn Planter

Novelty Classic planter for trees
Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture elegant Novelty planters

Inspired by Ancient Greek architecture, this classic urn planter is designed with elegant detail that gives your home the perfect look. You can combine 2 of them and put in from of your doors or porch. Looks beautiful, has a great price, and suits all seasons!

Novelty pots are lightweight, sturdy, and made with a superior blend of plastic material, and equipped with optional drill-out drainage holes. Use these versatile planters to emphasize your backyard living area, or complement your interior décor.

Key Features

  • Recyclable plastic
  • Novelty brand
  • 2 sizes + 3 colors
  • Drill out drainage holes
  • Durable and UV stabilized
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Manufactured in the USA


7. Lechuza Classico Color Self Watering Planter

Lechuza classic self watering planter for trees
Lechuza classic self-watering planter for trees

One of my favorites is the Lechuza Classico planter – simple in design yet advanced in functionality. It comes with a signature water reservoir that supplies water to your tree. Moreover, water indicators show when the water reservoirs need to be refilled without taking a guess or using a moisture meter. It is a superb option for over-waterers!

Lechuza Classico planter is perfect for all plants and decent size olive trees. Accentuate your home with the Lechusa planter and you won’t need to think every day about olive tree watering issues!

Key Features

  • Recyclable plastic
  • Lechuza brand
  • 43 cm in diameter
  • Multiple colors
  • Self-watering system
  • Water level indicators
  • Drainage plug
  • Indoor/Outdoor use
  • Manufactured in Germany



Choosing the right large pots for olive trees will involve a number of factors and not least the cost. It’s true to say design and price are not only the main factors to consider. You should always think about the material the pot is made from and which is the best choice for you.

If you’re are thinking of buying an olive tree for the first time I have a helpful guide that will make buying an olive tree easier. And once you have purchased the olive tree I have some helpful guides to help you maintain and care for your olive tree successfully. Below are a few of our popular articles.

I hope this guide: large pots for olive trees have given you some good information to enable you to make the right purchase and hopefully in the process we have saved you some time and money.

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