10 Great Reasons to Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

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Growing olive trees indoors have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. Not only they are pretty, but they have a whole host of benefits and numerous reasons to grow an olive tree indoors.

And for apartment dwellers, olive trees are a great way to bring the outdoors in. In case you are already interested to get one beauty for your home, here we will focus on listing the top 10 best reasons to grow an olive tree indoors and become an olive tree grower.

1.     Olive Trees Clean and Purify the Air 

All year round olive trees help to clean and purify the indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxyden. As a result, more fresh air around our house can do everything from elevate our moods, reduce our stress, and make us healthier and stronger.

In fact, NASA study has shown that indoor trees and plants remove harmful indoor pollutants such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, pollen, mold, and more – nasty things that can cause headaches, fatigue, sickness, and allergies.

Overall, bringing potted olive tree to your apartment can improve the air quality, and cleaner air can lead to better health.

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2.     Olive Trees Gives Life & Beauty to Any Space

You can grow dwarf olive trees in pots within a very compact size, so it can make a great fit to just about any space – whether it’s your home or your office.

Apart from adding beauty wherever placed, an olive tree will spread joy towards anyone who enters your space. It can quickly bright the atmosphere by becoming an amazing topic for conversation or by the mere pleasure of contemplating it.

how to grow olive tree indoors
Olive trees can be a great addition to any space in your house weather it is a lunch table, a window sill or a shelf

3.     Olive Trees Can Add Color & Texture All Year Round

Olive trees are evergreens plants and their foliage doesn’t undergo the dramatic changes in autumn and spring.

When the winter blows other tree leaves away, olive trees remains as green and beautiful as ever. So you can decorate your home environment and enjoy this evergreen all year round.

Olive trees are a great way to add so much needed color and texture – especially if you put them in colorful large pots!

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4.     Olive Trees Is a Great Way to Decorate Seasonally

No matter olive trees are evergreen plants, they are the easiest and best way to update your décor for every season based on olive tree growth cycle.

In the spring, the mature olive trees blossom and mark the turn of the season. In the summer, they will grow amazing small olive fruits. In the fall or early winter, you go for a harvest.

Plus, you can bring your family members or kids to make a fun activity together – after harvest make your own olive oil at home or brine olives.

5 best olive trees indoors to grow
The indoor olive tree is a great decor detail in every house

5.     Olive Trees Improves Your Mood

Besides the physical benefits of better air quality indoors, there are all sorts of psychological benefits to having olive trees and other plants around.

Growing olive trees indoors been shown to reduce stress, fatigue, lower blood pressure, and, in general, make people happier.

6.     Growing Olive Trees Indoors Can Be Therapeutic

Just like regular exercising is extremely beneficial for your body, so is looking after an olive tree indoors much like training for your mind.

Altogether with the consistency needed to grow olive trees indoors to thrive, you can reap a whole array of health benefits that are deeply related to the way your mind functions and responds to outer stimuli such as stress – the number one cause for disease in the 21st century.

Plus, research studies have used horticultural therapy to increase feelings of well-being among people with specific conditions such as depression or anxiety.

7.     Olive Trees Can Help You Establish Healthy Habits

Olive trees can help you establish healthy habits by reminding you daily that life isn’t about getting everything now but it’s about enjoying the sweet rewards after patiently waiting and working for them.

After patiently growing your olive tree multiple years, finally you will be rewarded by olive fruits grown on your own tree.

Because patience is so important for your well-being as to be called a virtue. Learning how to be patient means you will be able to tolerate things that can take a very long time without feeling angry and annoyed – something that the fast pace of life and the outburst of social media has made very, very difficult to achieve nowadays.

olive trees indoors improves your mood and well being
Growing olive trees indoors improve your mood, productivity creativity, concentration and overall well-being

8.     Olive Trees Can Wake Up the Artist Inside You

When growing olive tree indoors, you will gradually but surely wake up the artist or decorator inside you. Indeed, multiple studies have shown that indoor plants increase both productivity and creativity.

Even though it is fairly simple to look after an olive tree growing in a pot indoors, you will need to show your olive tree pruning and shaping skills to manage height and ensure the tree fits in home décor. So expanding your artistic flair and decorating talent is simply inevitable.

In addition, if you are willing to create a living art at your home, then with lots of patience you can make olive tree into bonsai.

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9.     Olive Trees Are the Ultimate Local Produce

Would you like to eat local and organic? You literally can’t get any better than delicious olive fruits grown on your own olive tree in your own apartment.

And the nice thing is, growing olive trees indoors gives you more options than the weather in your region might allow outside. Live in a cold climate zone but want to grow an olive tree? Now you can!

10. Olive Trees Are Quite Easy to Look After

Lots of sunlight, regular watering, and the occasional bit of best fertilizer is all that’s needed to keep the potted olive tree indoors happy and healthy. In return, your tree will grow and fruit for you over and over, continually adding life and beauty to your home.

Don’t be afraid to grow olive tree, just set up a regular routine for watering and monitor your tree each few days, and you will easily learn about olive tree needs. It will grow and flourish without a worry!

Final Takeaway: Reasons to Grow an Olive Tree Indoors

By looking into so many reasons to grow olive trees indoors, it’s no wonder that they have become such popular companions around the world!

Adding one to your life immediately brings you a thing of beauty, and power, and love, and improves your overall well-being. Go get some potted olive trees in your life!

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