What is Adopt an Olive Tree programme? 

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece Kalamata region is an opportunity to take an olive tree parenting role in local Greek farm run by Kleftogiannis family.

Adopt an Olive Oil Tree is one of the most powerful ways in which you can help in nurturing the olive tree and be responsible for its growth. By adopting an olive tree you help us to retain traditional and sustainable production methods.

As a result, Greek Kleftogiannis family continues to cultivate olives in a traditional sustainable way, produce unfiltered and pure, the highest quality and special characteristics olive oil linked to the Mediterranean climate, the nature of the soil and local know-how.

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I am very passionate about high quality healthy products from my young days. Our family has been producing Olive Oil for many years. Now I want to bottle and by creating Oliviada brand I will give an opportunity to people worldwide to use and enjoy the Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Kalamata

Vangelis Kleftogiannis, Oliviada Founder
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How to adopt an Olive Tree in Greece Kalamata region?

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Step by step guide

  1. Choose which of two ways – annual or half-year – you would like to adopt an olive tree in Greece.
  2. Adopt an Olive Tree by purchasing the Oliviada olive tree adoption package.
  3. We will prepare & ship an olive tree adoption package within 2-4 business days:
    1. A personalized olive tree gift certificate with your welcome letter
    2. Name your adopted olive tree & receive a photo of your tree for selected adoption period
    3. Greek olive oil from your adopted olive tree grove in Kalamata region (olive oil quantity depends on adoption package you will choose)
    4. 15% Member Discount for Olive Tree Adoption program renewal
    5. A possibility to visit your adopted olive tree during your holidays in Kalamata Greece upon agreed timing 2 weeks in advance
  4. You will receive a shipment/-s of Greek Kalamata Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil wrapped in a gift wooden box delivered directly to your or your beloved home address.
  5. By becoming an olive tree adoption program member, you can enjoy a 15% member’s discount for future Oliviada purchases.
  6. Also, we will always keep you, a member of our ‘Adopt an Olive Tree’ project, in a loop about our further development projects and news!

Adopt an Olive Oil Tree Gift is a great and unique gift for all occasions: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Christmas or new arrival. Every single olive tree adoption is customized based on your request.

Let’s Choose Olive Tree Adoption package
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Why our produced Greek Kalamata Olive Oil so special?

We are happy to offer our Oliviada Kalamata Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil and present the uniqueness of our product:

  • Our Kalamata Olive Oil is 100% natural product: unfiltered, unblended, unrefined Greek olive oil produced by Kleftogiannis family
  • Cold-pressed: Olive Oil squeezed from hand-picked ‘Koroneiki’ olives on the same day
  • Oliviada brand olive oil is a certified premium extra virgin olive oil with low acidity (=0.27%)
  • Origin: classified P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Kalamata, located in the southwestern Peloponnese peninsula, Messinia, Greece
  • Oliviada product is made in Greece: we work only with local Greek suppliers, product & packaging designers, logistics specialists
  • We care for sustainable agriculture & packaging:
    • our olives are hand-picked with no CO2 emission revealed during harvest
    • Pesticide-free / Herbicide-free
    • Environmentally friendly packaging – we wrap Olive Oil in wooden boxes for shipping
    • Plastic-free – we use reusable & 100% recyclable glass bottles
  • Nutritious: rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats

Overall, Oliviada “Adopt an Olive Tree” project is all about sustainability, reliability, and respect. If you would like to join the olive tree parenting community, become an olive tree adoption member of our Kalamata grove in Greece now and enjoy one of the best olive oils’ recognized worldwide.

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Interested to Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece Kalamata region?



  • 1 Year Olive Tree Adoption

  • Olive Tree Adoption Certificate

  • Name your Adopted Olive Tree

  • 4 Glass Bottles x 750ml Olive Oil in a Wooden Box (1st shipment sent within few days after order placement + 2nd shipment after half a year)

  • 15% Member Discount for Olive Tree Adoption program renewal

  • Arrange to Visit your Olive Tree in Kalamata




  • 6 Months Olive Tree Adoption

  • Olive Tree Adoption Gift Certificate

  • Name your Adopted Olive Tree

  • 2 Glass Bottles x 750ml Olive Oil in a Wooden Box shipped within few days after order placement

  • 15% Member Discount for Olive Tree Adoption program renewal

  • Arrange to Visit your Olive Tree in Kalamata


Adopt an Olive Tree Reviews 

More and more people are interested in “Adopt an Olive Tree” programs, whereby adopting the Olive Tree, they can help to retain traditional cultivation methods, sustainable agriculture and keep the quality level of locally produced olive oil at the highest level.

Most people prefer Olive Tree Adoption as a Gift to their family members, friends or close acquaintances. Because such gifts are prepared in a unique and customized way, can create a high-value gift for people interested in a healthy lifestyle and high-quality products.

If you are looking for such an amazing gift for yourself or others on the internet, you can be overwhelmed with many options. But to help you to make the right decision, we made “adopt an olive tree” reviews with key tips.

What to look for when you adopt an Olive Tree?

  • High tip count – olive oil quantity & shipment quantity

The most important item to consider when you choose an olive tree adoption package is olive oil shipment frequency and a total quantity of olive oil to be delivered. If you prefer olive oil delivery on a regular basis, you can choose annual or quarterly olive tree adoptions with twice per year or quarterly deliveries. If you want to give an olive tree adoption gift with a decent amount of olive oil in one go a half year adoption is a perfect option. An annual quantity of olive oil delivered usually is from 2 to 6 liters (depending on price).

  • Geographic location of your adopted olive tree

If you want to receive one of the best olive oil in the world, pay attention to the geographic location of your adopted olive tree. Greek olive oil produced from Greek olive trees is considered one of the best olive oils worldwide in terms of nutrition and aroma. There as Kalamata olive oil is typical high-value agriculture product produced from green “Koroneiki” olives with a protected designation of origin (P.D.O.).

  • Olive Tree Adoption Package

Ideally, you should receive the following items in your olive tree adoption package: personalized olive tree gift certificate, welcome letter, a photo of your adopted olive tree, name your adopted tree, olive oil, when you adopt an olive tree. Plus various other benefits as add-on products.

What you should consider when you adopt an Olive Tree?

  • A single farm product

This is probably the biggest decision you will make before adopting an olive tree. If you care of supporting a local family farm instead of a mass producer or middle man. And if you care for local good products produced by using traditional cultivation methods by a local family, then you should be interested in the family farm. Adding on top of that, a single farm product is purer and keeps natural odors and olive aroma.

  • How much time you have to wait for a delivery

If you don’t have much time to receive an olive tree adoption package or you are shipping as a gift, the delivery time is crucial. There are available olive tree adoption packages which take from 17 working days shipping internationally up to few months in a market. So please read the delivery terms carefully.

  • Your budget for adopting an olive tree for yourself or as a gift

For annual olive tree adoption, pricing starts from EUR 180 up to EUR 250. One single olive oil shipment olive tree adoption or half a year adoption usually cost from EUR 120 to EUR 150. However please pay attention to the quantity and quality of olive oil to be received, and frequency of delivery (other tips provided in this “Adopt an olive tree” review)

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